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A B O U T  L U X  F I T

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Luxury Fitnes

At Luxury Fitness Retreats, our life-changing training takes place in the most beautiful locations in the world. Transform your life by attending our week or month long training sessions where you receive counseling, life coaching, personal training and full days of work out activities with our pro athletes. Our tasty, healthy meals, are cooked by a private chef in sync with a nutritional consultant. We help you design your life with our life inspiring coaching sessions, workouts, dietary education, life coaching and much more. Our chefs and nutritional consultants will help you adjust your eating habits as you return to your regular life. We not only change your body, we change your life! Thinking better and creating healthy habits are essential to living a healthy life. At luxury fitness, we teach you how to design your life. Our life coaches, pro athletes, personal trainers, and motivational speakers will be available to help you reach your goals. We are also developing an online series of workouts, menus, nutritional consulting and life coaching, where you will be able to continue your new life habits when you return to your busy life. 

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